Posted by: Eric | February 23, 2011

What’s in a name?

For me, one of the hardest parts of kidding season is deciding what to name all of those babies!  In years past, Marie’s family has experimented with a variety of techniques.  A theme for the year.  Themes for families or even just pairs of animals.  Other herders we know have themes within families, or use the recommended tattoo letter to start all of their names.

Me, I can’t handle 15 goats who all start with the same letter.  Especially since I try to stick to the magic two syllables for what I actually call the goat (our goats with long names all have shorter nicknames, for example, Yvonne, who is really named Kurt Vonnegut, as she was born the day Vonnegut passed away).

In the end, we settled on changing the name scheme to have letters run in families and themes for each year.  Thus, this year we have goats named after Minnesota cities.  So Lemon has kids Leonard and Luverne, and Tumbleweed has a kid named Trommald.

For me, this works well.  I can tell family relations quickly and easily (sometimes, one gets forgetful as years go by – Ellen is Pat’s daughter, but which one of those two was Liatorp’s dam?).  Plus, the themes let me ballpark how old the kids are, or at least remember who is in  the same generation.

If only naming human children was this easy…


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