Posted by: Eric | March 3, 2011

How much milk?

So imagine you’ve got a few goats. Now what do you do with them? Well, you milk them. Goats, pound for pound, are better milkers than cows. So, as you can imagine, milking the goats takes up much of our chore time.

Many people milk their goats twice a day. But this isn’t a requirement. It’s just as possible to milk only once a day. The difference is in the level of production. Goats milked twice a day, because their bodies think they have really hungry kids, will make more milk. Goats milked only once a day quickly adapt to the lower demand and make a little less milk.

Either way, it’s important to stick to the schedule. A full udder is an uncomfortable thing, and the goats get cranky and stressed if they don’t get milked on time. This is another thing to consider when trying to decide how often to milk. The goat schedule becomes your schedule. If you’re like us and have a bevy of activities and obligations, milking once a day can be a much better option.

Right now, we’re just using the milk to drink, although we do sometimes make cheese, and I have plans to try my hand at soap making. Because we don’t need much milk, and because we don’t have a lot of time, we milk once a day, and the goats are just as happy as they would be otherwise.


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